About Unbound

Unbound Charlotte is a healing and restoration ministry that guides individuals through a Five Key process established by  Heart of the Father Ministries. We operate in North Carolina.

Unbound Charlotte is under the spiritual covering of Pastor Alex Barefoot, Eastside Church and Rev. Patrick T. Hoare, Pastor of St. Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte Diocese. Both churches located in Charlotte, NC


The mission of Unbound Charlotte is to help individuals discover spiritual and emotional wholeness in Christ Jesus.


  • To empower all individuals to reach and accept their full potential and uniqueness in Christ Jesus.
  • We will minister to all children of God, as a conduit of the Holy Spirit, regardless of culture, race and nationality. 
  • We will promote a revival of change that will ignite a Holy Spirit light that will burn brighter than ever before in people’s heart.

THE FIVE KEY MODEL  focuses on the love, mercy, healing and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

The Five Keys are;

  1. Five Keys
  2. Repentance and Faith
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Renunciation
  5. Authority
  6. The Father’s Blessing

Five Key outline derived from the Heart of the Father Ministries. 

WHAT IS AN UNBOUND SESSION?  (Click to contact us)

1. An Unbound is a meeting with a trained Unbound facilitator to talk about relationships and events that may have caused trauma and/or hurts.

2. Every Unbound Session includes the person seeking freedom, a facilitator, a prayer warrior and the Holy Spirit.
3. The facilitator begins with prayer and then engages the person with questions and discussion.
4. The facilitator then leads the person in verbally breaking the chains of bondage and declaring the truth of God’s Word over their life.
5. Finally, the person is led in taking spiritual authority in their life, and the facilitator prayers the Father’s blessing upon them.


Note: Unbound Session is not a replacement of any type of confession practice. The Unbound Session will enhance the reconciliation experience.

Unbound Eastside Contact:

Unbound Charlotte and all other locations contact:



Julie A. Jahn, Ministry Leader of Unbound Charlotte. Each location has appointed ministry leaders to grow their Unbound teams and minister to their members and local communities.

Julie has been in ministries for over 40 years. She served at the Sacred Heart Institute a Healing, Teaching and Preaching ministry, participated in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1991 and lead her own creative ministry for close to 20 years. She traveled teaching and ministering in the United States, Canada, England and Scotland. She has been on mission trips to Jamaica, St. Martin and Ghana.

Julie has been a Ministry Leader of Unbound Charlotte since 2016 and established Unbound Charlotte at Eastside Church, Charlotte, NC in January 2018. For additional ministry information visit www.newlifehealingmin.org.